Hydrogen for President 2016

Better hair, less sarcasm!

If you are looking for an alternate candidate, one who is honest and provides compliments (purrs) when deserved, Hydrogen is your candidate.

Hydrogen came from sad beginnings on the street before a dedicated shelter and rescue found him. He understands the plight of the working class. He needed medical attention and dental work, so he has knowledge of the cost associated and how that impacts the wallet. He quickly became the shelter office manager and took personal interest in fellow residents, looking after their emotional care.

Hydrogen's Platform
--- Hydrogen supports family values (see him with his son below)
--- He has long believed in universal health care for pets and for a tax deduction for spayed or neutered pets.
--- He has a nuanced position on immigration. He takes no position on human immigration, but he believes that rodent immigration should be tightly regulated
--- Fully fund student loan forgiveness for veterinarians who work in areas of national need under the Higher Education Opportunity Act.


Details on Vote for Hydrogen

It takes 5000 signatures to get a name on the Presidential Ballot in Colorado - so we are hoping for 5000 donations (of any amount) as a "signature" for Hydrogen as a contender for President.

So join us in "voting" for an alternate choice in the upcoming election!

Hydrogen with his son Nitrogen

Hydrogen is pictured here with his son, Nitrogen. He is a strong nurturing role model.

All money donated goes to Look What the Cat Brought In Rescue and Shelter (Feline Rescue Network). Thank you.